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Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Okay, so you may have been reading my blog lately and thinking I'm constantly grumpy and/or bitter about everything. That's not actually true. I am a very happy little man, I just like to complain, that's all. But anyways, in order to prove that I am in fact not bummed out all the time, I now present a list of the top 10 things that make me happy right now:

10. Food. I'm a chubby, so I had to put it on there somewhere, and we're now entering that month-long Thanksgiving/Christmas awesome-food-a-thon, which is like Fat Guy Ramadan.

9. Sequels. There's a lot of good ones like "Aliens," "Godfather 2," "Terminator 2," and "Showdown in Little Tokyo," which I think is a sequel to The Bible (it's that good).

8. The Spy Restaurant in Milwaukee. You have to find secret passages to both enter and exit the place. I will never go there if they have a fire though. That's just dangerous.

7. Riding around the country on a lavish tour bus for six weeks to do two minutes of work every day.

6. The autographed photo of Garth Brooks that I have hanging on my wall. I found it in a thrift store like 7 years ago, and it still brings me great joy.

5. Guitar Hero 2, which would be higher on my list but is so awesome that it made me play it too much yesterday and now my fingers hurt.

4. Comic Books (and apparently not getting laid; I should really stop mentioning that particular affinity).

3. Starts with a "K." Ends with "araoke." No, it's not "Karate." Learn to read.

2. The Whitest Kids U' Know, even though I see entirely too much of them now and our last show was a drag. I guess what I really wanted to write here was "that sweet, sweet Whitest Kids cash."

1. My friends, including said Whitest Kids, my cat Spaceship, and dental floss (that's what my dentist says anyways), and my family. I also love the fact that South Dakota put medicinal marijuana on their ballot yesterday, which is surprisingly chill of them, but they don't get a spot on the list because they also banned same-sex marriage (and the pot thing didn't pass). Come on guys, be chill.

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