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Thursday, November 02, 2006


So I took my first night off from being awesome in a loooong time tonight and decided to watch some good old TV. I watched the new Lost episode, and found it entertaining and surprising, but what was even MORE surprising was that, during one of the commercial breaks, I learned that they now make a car that parallel parks itself! Wow! AND Taye Diggs is coming back to the small screen! Wow wow wow!

After that I played this new video game Bully, where you play a bully at a prep school and you go around and harass the other kids and make out with the hot girls. You can probably guess just by reading this blog that I never did any of those things in my real life, so I'm glad that technology can finally allow me to live out my dreams. Here's hoping that a "Guy That Doesn't Lose His Laptop Or Scare Off Women" game is soon to follow.

Then I decided to finally prove to myself once and for all that I am indeed a weirdo, so I kept flipping between a documentary about the SuicideGirls and the movie American History X. It was kind of a failed experiment. I thought that going back and forth between cute girls with tattooed boobies and Ed Norton getting ass-raped would be entertaining, but instead I just feel barfy now.

Today I also let Spaceship eat a bone. She didn't eat meat off of the bone, she just actually devoured the bone. I would feel bad for doing that but I'm pretty sure she pooped in my room today, so now we're even.

Spaceship's my cat, by the way.

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