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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Paint Puke and Pestilence (From Friday)

So yesterday a bunch of us went to Queens and played paintball for Darren's birthday. It was RADICAL!!! I'm not very good but I had a lot of fun. Most of my highlights involved either shooting Sam or shooting Darren's girlfriend. At one point Zach shot me in the face and the ball managed to make it under my mask, hit me in the chin, and explode in my mouth. When I took my mask off after the game, the referee was like "Oh damn, son, you gotta go to the bathroom yo (he was like 15 and really seemed to enjoy talking like that)." When I got into the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, I looked AWESOME. My face was covered in paint and blood, like Braveheart. Or a goth kid.

Anyways after that we played one more paintball game called "Iron Man." Basically you shoot at anything that moves, and you keep playing until you either run out of ammo or can't take the pain of getting hit anymore. I went until my ammo ran out; the pain didn't bother me, because I'm really manly. Really manly. Also, I have the natural padding. I think I actually got hit the most that round, because I was trying to reload behind this little barrier thing, and the way I was positioned behind it, my ass and my left arm were sticking out, so they got pelted pretty good. Not as bad as eating the paint though.

So after that I ate this spinach crepe thing at The Beer Garden in Queens (not "a beer garden," but "The Beer Garden," I've been told). Then I went to Plan B and hung out with a bunch of buddies for about 30 seconds before I went into the restroom and threw up the entire spinach thing (and probably some paint). Why? Was it the food? The paint? The fact that I sweated like 75 gallons during paintball? Or is it Plan B itself? The world may never know. But anyways I went home not too long after that.

And now I wake up this morning and have a bitch-whore of a cold. I was supposed to go look at apartments and prepare for the Whitest Kids show tomorrow, but instead I'm hacking up a lung, eating cold pills (I'm not fucking with the liquid stuff after all the pukery lately), and probably playing Guitar Hero 2 later. But first, a nap. Also if anyone out there wants to come to the aforementioned WKUK show tomorrow night, please do! It will be different (and probably longer) than our Pianos shows, and although there's an admission, you don't have to buy drinks (a rarity at comedy clubs) and you can send me a a message and I'll send you the secret code to get 25% off your ticket. Oh yeah.

I realize this posting hasn't been particularly funny or interesting, and for that I apologize; I'm just sick and wanted to type, is that so wrong?

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