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Sunday, November 19, 2006


Okay, so does everyone remember that puppet Lambchop? She had an educational TV show for a while? Sang that "this is a song that doesn't end" song? Here she is, with her creator/voice Shari Lewis:

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You remember that, right? Anyways, Shari Lewis died a while back, but apparently her daughter Mallory has decided to pick up the torch of "teaching children love and harmony by throwing your voice into a piece of cloth." Here she is (notice Lambchop image embroidered on jeans; she was a fan first):

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So yeah, Lambchop is kind of a famous puppet. And she and Mallory played at the Whitest Kids show tonight. I'm still not sure how she got booked or why she agreed to do it, but it was kind of surreal. No, wait. It was EXTREMELY SURREAL. Lambchop is by far the biggest celebrity that has ever played with us, which is a ridiculous, ridiculous notion to consider since she is basically a really nice sock puppet that taught my little sister to read. Also tonight, we unintentionally had two other acts involving puppetry and/or talking inanimate objects and I think the audience was let down when the Whitest Kids came out and we had no puppets, no ventriloquism, and no songs that did not end. I did have my hand up Sam's ass, but that was after the show and only the two of us and the rest of our online fetish club saw it (in a posting about puppets, you KNEW I was going to make a "hand in ass" joke, and it would have been comedically irresponsible of me not to do it; it had to be done, and I'd like to think that we're all better people for it).

And now that I have you all envisioning me exploring Sam in that fashion, let me tell you that I found an apartment! In the area I wanted! At a great price! No, it wasn' the grumpy landlord I mentioned a few days ago; that guy wouldn't believe that I had money despite my being chubby and showing him my bank statements. But anyways, that nightmare's over, and now I can finally go back to just having regular nightmares, y'know, like the kind involving my skin falling off, or girls biting me (both actual recent nightmares).

Good bye!

P.S. This is post 80. Feel my wrath.

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