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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Oh boy!

So the Whitest Kids had a show at that new comedy club Comix last night. The club was pretty nice, but not as extreme as the name might lead one to believe. But anyways, the show went AWESOMELY. It was the most fun I've had doing one in a while, and we had some great comedians (John Mulaney, Maria Bamford, and Andy Kindler) open up for us. It was totally awesome. I'm still pretty sick (with the cold, not the spinach/paint disease), so I was kind of high on cold medicine the whole night, but everyone else says it was fun too, so I'm pretty sure it actually was.

After the show I talked to this girl who is a fan of the troupe that had recognized me once while I was buying comics. There's not really a worse time to recognize someone. That's when a closeted nerd/dork/dweeb is at his most vulnerable (this was before I started broadcasting my dorkiness on the internet). I was almost gonna lie and say "Whitest WHAT? Are you some kinda racist?" then I realized she was probably just as nerdy too, since she was IN the store, so why would she pass judgement on a fellow nerd? But maybe she was just buying them for her son? It turned out that she worked there, which, nerdiness-wise, is somewhere in between those two scenarios. I'm sure she wouldn't have thought I was a nerd, but just to safe, I told her that I was buying them for a high-powered celebrity whose name I couldn't reveal (it was Tom Hanks).

Speaking of high-powered celebrities, after the show I was at the bar next door and Moby was there. Nothing interesting happened, I just though I'd mention that I saw him, and that he was about as little and meek as you'd imagine. He's like a mouse with a laptop and a nice jacket.

Well, I'm still sick. I woke up shivering last night, which was too bad because I was having a really awesome dream where I had a gun. Then I put on a bunch of clothes since you're supposed to sweat out a cold. I think it's sweating out. I'm really good at sweating.

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